August 11th, 2003

South Park

and on todays news...

"Caution, there is a flood watch in effect for the entire viewing area!"

So I look out my window over the great slope that is Mt. Oliver... Umm, yeah, right, come and get me...
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on comment postings, job portfolios, wrestling pay per views, game show people and birthday parties...

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my questions from yesterday. I had follow up questions for many of you, and for anyone who hasn't commented yet, please do so. I want as much feedback on those questions as possible (positive or negative).

Spent the day working on a portfolio for a job. This is like incredibly awkward becuase most of the stuff that I have done in my career that is really interesting is intellectual property of other people and I can't show it. Blah. Anyway, got it done and its out of the way now.

Also watched the ECW Pay-Per-View "Living Dangerously" from 1998 today on video tape. I borrowed it at my class last Thursday. I am trying to watch a lot of random old wrestling tapes now as part of my training. Its interesting. Even with the paltry 11 moves I know, its nice to be able to sit there and go, oh wait, I know that one, ooh ooh, I can do that too! Oh wow, he messed that up. Oh wow that was excellent. It lends a whole new aspect to watching the show. I guess its sort of the same way I analyze movies and books while I'm in the middle of them.

Why are people on Wheel of Fortune so stupid? I mean, really is the "Before & After" puzzle _ _ D _ - SURFING THE INTERNET that hard to figure out? Dumbasses... Can I go on that show and win enough money in a day to take me through the next year? *sigh*

beststephi's birthday is tomorrow, so everyone should remember to congratulate her on being old. And everyone should bring presents and come to the Jammy Jam this weekend when we['ll both be celebrating.
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