August 17th, 2003


son of a bitch...

if I'm not around online much in the next few days, its because my FUCKING LAPTOP IS DYING IN THE SAME FUCKING WAY AGAIN!!!!

This time it died 15 min before the party started yesterday. I can sometimes get it to boot and be flakey, so I was able to download the music playlists onto my iPod, but ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Hopefully this time when I go in, they'll fix whatever is wrong with it instead of just saying "oh, its the logic board" and replacing that so I can come back in two months again... or maybe they'll like just give me a new one or something... *bleah*
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Jammy Jam 2003

went rather well except for a few snafus (like my laptop blowing up before the party)

There will be details and pictures up once I get time to do so. Probably a couple weeks due to aforementioned laptop problems. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who made it, especially the people who came from far out of town to be here, and extra special thanx to kochansky, ere_i_am_jh, jeremiahblatz, thompso2, sundaygray and papertygre for helping beststephi, sui66iy, thehammer and I clean and set up, and anukul and danitapgh for making a licquor run. Now we just have to wait for everyone to wake up so we can clean the aftermath.

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