August 18th, 2003

Down and Out

on Monday morning...

so judging from the responses I have gotten from people both in real life and here, I think it's fair to call Jammy Jam 2K3 a success. It was pretty hectic and a lot of work, (parties I'm throwing always are... and I spend a lot of time running around, performing my hostly duties... in all seriousness it can be very exhausting) but I still had a lot of fun. And it was really nice to see all the out of town people that I never get to see very often anymore. Thank you for everyone who saw it fit to come. I've got about 360 pictures to sort through, plus however many anukul gives me, and I am down a laptop currently, so it may take a little time to get the webpage up. But hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. I will let people know when it is. Once again, thank-you to everyone who helped make the party a big success.

Bleah... its Monday morning, and I guess I have to go to work... how fucking weird is that?
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Don't call it a comeback... I've been here for years...

so, the first day of work back on the Merv Griffin show went well. Kinda weird, but also kind of nice. I'm working at my old desk, so it's kind of comfortable. All the people basically treated me like I had never left (except for several people commenting that I was buffer and looked like I had been working out -- I guess I don't notice as much because it was a gradual change, but maybe it is a big difference if you haven't seen me in a year). On the other hand there are a bunch of new people (mostly accountants and such) that I just don't know at all and that's just weird.

Not sure how long the contract will last, but I guess it will be nice in the meantime. Will keep me from sitting at home and letting my brain turn to mush watching soap operas, game shows and Judge Judy. On the other hand, I think I am going to have to pay my own taxes... ewww... that's gonna suck. I don't even know how one goes about dealing with paying like Social Security tax and stuff... *sigh* max1975, want to help me out?

Went to dinner with beststephi, ere_i_am_jh, anukul and danitapgh at a place in Oakland called Cafe Susa, a combination of miscellaneous non-country specific Asian food, diner food, and coffee shop stuff. I had an appetizer of home fries and an entree of Chicken Teriyaki. How often does that happen? Nonetheless it was quite enjoyable, and I recommend that everyone try it. They also have Telerama wireless and free wired ethernet if you spend at least $5 on your meal (which is pretty easy to do). This came in exceptionally handy because Joe was able to look up and procure evidence of the existence of the Burger King. Everyone else had doubted that there ever was a Burger King who competed with Ronald McDonald, but I knew different... ah the joys of being a pop culture junkie.
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