August 20th, 2003

Down and Out

on being a productive member of society...

Kept pretty busy with work all day today. I had totally forgotten what that was like. So weird. But weird in a good way. I made some progress on my project and I don't feel like I am totally wasting my life for once. I wonder how long that will last. Not quite adjusted to the daily grind of waking up in the morning yet, but I guess that will come. In the meantime I need to get my schedule adjusted so that I have time to do some artwork, writing, reading and working out... blah, and there's a fall season of TV starting in another month or so too... Where will I find the time... hmmm... it can't be that hard. I mean, I used to do all this stuff, right?

In other news, still haven't heard about the progress of my computer... *bleah*... its always something.
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