August 24th, 2003


on working my first wrestling show...

so, despite having very little demonstrable wrestling skill as yet, I actually did manage to be part of the IWC show last night. You ever see a wrestling match that had one of those wild all-through-the-crowd brawls where two guys are basically killing each other by throwing each other into guardrails and and walls and tables and hitting each other steel chairs and stuff like that? Yeah, well I didn't do that. But two guys did, and you know how when that happens, they'll have security guys in the crowd holding them back so they don't get hit by an errant chair shot or something. That was me. I was miscellaneous unnamed security guard #2. Big fun.

I also got to meet WWE superstar Zach Gowen aka Tenacious Z. You may remember me mentioning him in the past. He's the fabled one-legged wrestler. He's also a really nice guy. He wasn't actually a part of the show, he just drove up from Detroit to watch and hang out. Anyway, it was pretty cool to meet him.

I'm still interested in ordering SummerSlam if anyone else is interested, but I haven't heard back from people (well, just one guy that I don't even know). Anyone interested? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Remember, you also get to see the Mav wrestling DVD at no added cost. How great is that.
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