August 29th, 2003


on friday around lunchtime...

So I heard from the guy from practice last night. Xrays show his leg is not broken, but they didn't know if he had ligament or tendon damage yet. He siad it was still kinda painful so they had given him some morphine... mmmm... Morphine... cure for pain... anyway, his doctor had wanted him to get his knee scoped for a while and he neglected to do it, so now it looks like he'll have to do it. At least that's what the doctors were telling him. He was going to know more after he gets an MRI like today or next week.

haven't done a Collapse )

Just as an aside: ColdFusion sucks... even more than flash does... And by ColdFusion, I mean the webserver, not the infinite energy source, because that's cool.

Who's going to Silky's tonight? It should be exciting. Last week there was an unprecedented 2nd tray of wings! Who knows what might happen this week.
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