September 1st, 2003

Football Jersey

on football season...

commences on Thursday this year for reasons that pretty much don't make a damn bit of sense to anyone (the only other Thursady with football this year is Thanksgiving, the way God intended it). However, the Steelers (and pretty much everyone else minus Tampa Bay and Philly who have the acceptable Monday night game, and Washington and the Jets who are the idiots playing on Thursday for non-understandable reasons) season opener is on Sunday, and with that commences 22 most exciting Sundays of the year... well the 21 most exciting Sundays, since there is a week off between the conference championships and the Superbowl. And no, the ProBowl (in week 23) is not exciting. Anyway, I think I will once again be making waffles and watching football in Basement Theater here at the Higgins House, so I'm wondering if anyone else is planning on coming by. Need to know how much waffle mix I need. And beer... can never forget beer! Mmmmm.... waffles and beer...

Hmmm... maybe I should put up a collection plate this year to help me with my goal of buying a big screen HDTV to watch the superbowl on this year. Who would donate to that? Just think, The Superbowl on a 52 inch diagonal screen, in the multicouch comfort of Basement Theater. And after the Superbowl, the screen would be there to watch countless movies from Crazy Mav's DVD Emporium all year around. Any benefactors want to support me in that endeavor?
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on comic book creation...

so, max1975 and I have talked about producing an indy comic for a while now, and we were talking this weekend and we think we have an idea for one. Only for the idea we have we need more people to work on it. So we're looking for people who want to publish a comic book with us. People who are writers or artists or both and have some experience with comics so they understand styles and pacing and the like. Preferably (but not necessarilly) people who live in Pittsburgh. jameel, sui66iy and theadana, I'm looking in your general directions, but if other people are interested they should let me know too. Anyway, we've got some ideas that involve doing a series of somewhat related stories in different styles (both written and visual) and we want to get ir printed and published in time for Pittsburgh Comicon in April. So is anyone interested?
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