October 8th, 2003


on creating comic books

to people working on the comic with me:

there is now a private community, mcguffincomix for discussing things about the comic we are working on. Ideas and whatnot can be posted there. If you are working on the comic with me, you should have been sent an invite to join the group. People who aren't in the group can't read stuff, so we have a reasonable level of security.
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well I'll be damned...

so I'm watching the news and they're telling the story of a building that caught on fire and the flames damaged several homes in the area and who do they interview? An ignorant white man. That's right, a caucasian. A honky. A cracker. And he was about as unintelligent as he could be.

And I'm sitting there thinking, "I'll be damned. Maybe America is one big cultural melting pot after all."

Or maybe its just that tonight is a full moon, and tormorrow they'll go back to having unintelligent darkies.
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