October 10th, 2003


my life as a wrestler, week 13

took Joy to practice today. She is thinking of joining the next class. She seemed to have fun, so we'll see how that goes. I think she wants to take a look at the other class as well so she gets an idea of how things progress and how hard it really gets. I hope she goes for it. It would be nice to know someone in "real life" who is doing this too. Anyway, its a lot of hard work, so its probably good that she wants to be sure.

Lots of new moves this week:

Did some more practicing of taking bodyslams. Thought we'd learn to give them this week but no. Did a much better job on taking my first couple last week than I did this week, but after I took a couple I was back into the swing of things. You gotta love any class where you can politely ask the instructor to please bodyslam you a couple more times. And then they do it, and it feels good.

Also did some practicing on the hiptoss. I'm giving them fine now, I think, still need to correct my form a bit on taking one. Specifically, I am bracing myself improperly with my arm. Definitely something to work on.

Learned the Flying Mare/Snap Mare, had no real problems giving it, was a little overanxious with taking it at first. Compensated a little bit and now that's fine too. From the snapmare, we learned the sleeper, and a chin lock. No real problems with either of these either. Did misplace my feet on the sleeper the first time, but I corrected it after that. *sigh* I always misplace my feet when I learn something new. Then we learned pins. This is good because it means that we have somewhere to go at the end of a match. Learned 3 different pins. Biggest problem I have is body placement. Need to pin higher on the chest. This shouldn't be too hard to work on either.

Moves learned this week: Snapmare, sleeper, chin lock, lateral press pin, leg lock pin, inverted leg lock pin. 31.5 down, 969.5 to go.
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