October 20th, 2003


on my technology disruption field 10' radius...

things broken:

  • ignition switch in Vagabond (long standing problem, very expensive to fix, just been dealing with it)
  • gas guage in Vagabond (long standing problem, barely even care)
  • driver side power window in Vagabond (this is irritating, just stopped working yesterday. At least its broken in up position, probably worry about it after winter)
  • 3rd monitor graphic card in Verdandi(G4 Tower) (ok, ok, I really don't need 3 monitors, so I can do without... this was a 3rd party card, and its lasted me like 5 years, I guess I'll deal...I intend to use Verdandi more or less as a server and do most of my work on the new laptop anyway)
  • 512M DIMM in Valkyrie (at least this is still under warranty... called and got an RMA number, so that I can return it... still kinda an annoyance)

I'm afraid to go use the microwave for fear that it might explode and turn me into a gamma irradiated goliath.... Hmmm, on second thought, maybe I'll go down there and mircowave some alluminum foil and batteries right now!

EDIT: Add to that list the Apple Website which won't accept my serial number for the MaC OS Up To Date program so that I can get my copy of Panther... SONOFABITCH!!!!!
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