October 31st, 2003


on halloween...

too many parties, only one Mav...

not sure where I am gonna be tonight yet, (other than Silky's for Happy Hour, of course), so if I don't see you tonight, Happy Halloween.

Halloween Jam is tomorrow, and it should be fun. Prizes have been bought and of course they are fabulous. Sadly, I am unhappy with my costume choices for this year and not confident in my ability to win, or even place. *sigh* We'll see. Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to the party and hope a lot of you can make it.

in totally unrelated news, my eye hurts for some reason...

I'll be at Silky's once work is over... anyone else going?
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of all the ignorant shit...

this was on a wrestling website I read:

Dave Nicoletta sent along an article that appeared in Newsday today that New York Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has decided that a visit from Trish Stratus and Maven (a former school teacher) that was to be a prize as part of a citywide sweepstakes designed to get students to fill out forms for federal lunch programs will not be allowed.  The article includes comments from one parent that the idea of the wrestlers appearing at the school was "really appalling." The article also incorrectly states that Maven is a heel.  Maven and Trish were to visit one of the three schools that had the most forms filled. 

The other prizes, that are being allowed, are that each of the three schools' principals will win a weekend at the Millennium Hotels and Resorts in Manhattan, a $590 value. The staff member who helps sign up the most students will receive a $350 day spa package, while a student picked at random will get a bike. Parents can obtain sports club passes, while students can get autographed baseball memorabilia, CDs and more.

What the fuck? Some poor kids are going to be crushed because they did what they were supposed to do and got shafted while their principal heads off for a spa weekend. Grown-ups fucking suck...

If you want to read the original article, its here:
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