November 19th, 2003


on the arrest of Michael Jackson

So they have issued a warrant for the arrest of Michael Jackson on allegations of child molestation. Last time this happened (10 years ago), he settled the case financially with the family and charges were never pressed. That's always left me kind of questioning as to how valid the charges were. No one knows how much money the case was settled for, but if I'm a parent and someone rapes my kid, is there enough money in the world for me to not want to see them locked up and the key thrown away? Plus, if its Michael Jackson, and I'm responsible for putting him behind bars, wouldn't the book and movie deals and talk show appearances be enough to make me pretty well off anyway? Or maybe I don't want the book and movie deals. Maybe I just want to keep my kids face out of the media. So its either a trial where his identity is protected, or take the pay off. I wonder how much of a payoff justice is worth?

Or maybe I'm just a big fucking liar, and I'm banking on, "you know, falsely accusing Michael Jackson of molesting my kid, is probably worth a cool $2 million just to keep my mouth shut." Cash Money Baby! Bling Bling!

I wonder what's going to happen with this one. Now all kidding aside... I don't know if he did it or not. I don't know if he did it last time or not. But what the fuck kind of parent allows their 12 year old child to go over to Michael Jackson's house to play. Forget the past allegations of child molestation. Forget the baby dangling out the window. We're talking about a delusional freak here. A man who expects us to believe the only plastic surgery he's had was a single nose job to "help him breathe better." A man who thinks he's the reincarnation of Peter Pan (who was a fictional character to begin with). For God's sake, he tried to buy the remains of the fucking Elephant Man. The man is psycho. Pure and simple. Add in the known preference for the company of young boys and the past allegation of sexual misconduct and you have to seriously question the parenting ability of anyone who allows their kids to hang with him. Worse you have to question the morality of anyone who suddenly turns around and claims they were shocked to learn that Jacko was doing something inappropriate.


I let my 16 year old daughter date that nice Charlie Manson guy. I know he's in prison. But I never believed any of those horrible stories about him. But now my daughter is acting all CRAZY and trying to kill people. I want further charges brought against that man.

fucking kill me...
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