November 28th, 2003


my life as a wrestler, week 18

no practice today. But I did have practice on Tuesday. Mostly free wrestling, but I did have shiimaxion teach me the Shiima reversal that I had been coveting for so long. Also have been working on my own personal weird reversals. Most recently I am trying to turn a headlock into a firemen's carry. I think I have that down now, and will be trying it next Tuesday. I also want to try wristlock into kippup into short arm clothesline.

I'd only been listing the moves here that I had been taught in class, but today I sat down and figured out how many moves I knew that I had just picked up/derived on my own and added them to the ones we have been taught, and by chance I seem to be up to exactly 100. Well, plus a move that we are currently in the midst of learning (the suplex) so 100 1/2. Getting past the point where its useful to list them here, so I'm just keeping them in my own notes now. Not that anyone is paying attention to these posts anyway, are you?

So anyway, 100.5 moves down, 900.5 to go.
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