November 29th, 2003


on non-denominational yuletide winter holidays...

So the holiday season is upon us. I have started my holiday shopping, and I am kinda torn on a few issues. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am the pinnacle of bright, happy, sunshiney, feel-good, bringing-shame-to-jolly-old-st-nick-himself holiday cheer, but I'm also an unemployed bum. The unemployment isn't that big a deal, but it does hurt the finances a little bit, and its a great excuse to cover up the fact that I am in fact a complete and utter lazy fuck. So, in my grand tradition of living my life by committee I decided to post a little poll here and see what people think about the things I have been wondering about. Feel free to add comments with details, suggestions, compliments on my ass or flames on my hair.

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