December 5th, 2003

Down and Out

ok, I should definitely find a job now...

I have done absolutely nothing today, and I'm not looking forward to much more than going to happy hour.


anyone else coming?

EDIT:oh, as an added bonus, I will have the DVD I made of my last several wrestling practices if anyone wants to marvel at (or make fun of) me....
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Vagabond Plate

on frosty days, fuel economy and 4x4s

you know, you go out and buy an SUV and you drive around getting like 2 miles to the gallon all year round, and cursing because even though we won the damn oil war, you can't get 12 cents a gallon at the pump, and yet its all worth it for that first major snowfall of the year where the guy in front of you with the rear wheel drive luxury car is spinning his wheels out and still drifting backwards and you press the little 4x4 button on your dashboard and proceed to just drive over him.

as Cube said... "damn right, it was a good day..."
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