December 20th, 2003


my life as a pro-wrestler, week 21

its been a while, so I thought I'd do an update here...

pretty happy with progress this week. A couple weeks ago, we learned elbow drops, another of my personal favorite moves. Oh for the day that I will be able to do them from the top rope. As is, its a move that I will be practicing a lot, as I want it to be one of my standards. Things to remember: aim... keep aiming as I follow through. Do not under any circumstances cave in opponents chest. Collapsed lungs are bad.

After weeks and weeks, I am finally doing the bodyslam right without hesitating. Now watch me jinx myself. Same deal witht the firemen's carry.

Also learned the backslide. Decided that it was rather versatile. Thankyou to shiimaxion for helping me work out my full nelson reversal into the backslide, which may be one of the nicer spots I have come up with so far. Also ended up using the standing gentry into a suplex that I had been theorizing on him. Not nearly as pretty though. I really need to work on the timing on my suplex.

Another new move this week is the escape from a bodyslam. This I like, but I definitely need to work on. Bigger post, bigger push, land more behind opponent. We've been doing the school-boy roll-up from this. I have about a dozen other ideas that I can think of out of this, some of which I am sure are more practical than others. All have been added to my excel spreadsheet, which now registers 142 total moves I know. 32 moves, 19 reversals and 92 derived. With my initial goal of 1001, that only leaves 859 to go. Hell yeah.