December 30th, 2003


on rituals for the deceased and remarks regarding them...

so there are odd things that I noticed over the last week regarding people's mourning behavior.

First of all, I think its worth pointing out that I don't go to funerals. Collapse )

So anyway, I skipped the funeral. That's what I do. I skip funerals and I spend the time thinking of the person in my own way on my own terms.

Collapse )

Anyway, its now been eight days. And its time to start moving on. The only hard thing I really have left to do, is call my grandmother next Sunday. Its going to be the first time I've made my weekly phone call to her and not been able to talk to him, and that's going to be incredibly weird and hard. But other than that, I'm pretty ready to move on with my life I guess.

So anyway... someone amuse me... hey better yet... someone find me a job...
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