December 31st, 2003


on revisiting past ideas...

so I was sitting here wondering out lout to myself (well, to beststephi I guess, since she's sitting here too) "self, just what was I doing on the last day of 2002... 1 year ago today?" and my self thought about it and it said back to me "oh wait, I can just check my journal from that day."

well, sadly, I didn't post anything on Dec. 31st of last year. But the day before I was talking about party ideas and it occured to me that I never did run a Dyslexic Jammy Jam. There was mixed reaction to the idea back then. But now we're all a little older and a little wiser (Hah!), or at least I have a different mix of people on my friends list, so I wonder... what do people think of that idea. Would people be interested in it?

Or should there just be another aloha jam in the spring and leave it at that?
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