January 1st, 2004

shoulder tattoo

on stylin' and profilin'...

so I've been talking with shiimaxion about wrestling gear lately, and I was thinking about just what I should get made for wrestling gear. As far as a "look" goes, I'm pretty sure that i want to stay rather close to how I dress now... the stylish International Male (but with an edge) that I am...I'm pretty sure I don't want tights. They're just not me. I've been practicing in my karate gi pants and I find that quite comfortable, but I think I'd want something a little flashier for in the ring. So I was thinking of getting shiny wrestling pants made. I knocked around in illustrator doing a little today and came up with a few designs. So once again, its time to do a little living life by committee and see what people like:

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Poll #227236 Mav's wrestling pants

Which pants do you like best?

1. Sigils
2. Sigils with Flames
3. Pockets with symmetric stripes
4. Pockets with asymmetric stripes
5. Sigils with asymmetric stripes
6. None of the above
7. Another mix (specify in comments)

Any other comments and suggestions about the designs are also welcome...
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