February 9th, 2004


real rock from the rock...

so in the last couple of minutes at least seven police came blazing down my street with sirens blaring. 20 seconds or so later, 2 more flew by, and just now a minute or so later, another one. I also heard some sirens closing in on the same direction from the block behind my house.

In other words, some seriously ill shit is apparently going down...

so you know, if you're watching the news later and hear about a devilishly good looking black man with a nice ass mistakenly gunned down in the crossfire while he was minding his own bidness sitting in his living room listening to Public Enemy music and using his laptop, then someone file a wrongful death suit on my behalf or something...

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more dress up Mav

Been playing with the wrestling outfits more. So here we go, time to vote on whole outfit choices.

I took the word "Maverick" off of the stripe on the jacket as suggested by so many people and played with a couple other designs as well. (I'm still torn on the whole tons of buckles thing on the jacket... its kinda Michael Jacksony as some people have pointed out... but sometimes I think I really like it... other times not as much -- I'd love to hear people opinions on that in the comments).

Any other suggestions and comments are of course welcome.

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Poll #246298 Mav's Outfit Designs

Which Outfit do you like best?

1. Stripes
2. Belts and Buckles
3. Tank Top
4. Baseball Jersey
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