February 12th, 2004


pimping out the sociology...

so it's not 1000 words of free flowing hostility, but my roommate, sui66iy has posed some interesting questions about the ethical, technical, religious and whatever ramifications of cloning over in his journal that has created some interesting discussion. I invite others who might have things to add to the discourse to go over there and throw in your two cents on the issue.
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on victimless crimes...

so our city is bankrupt, we don't have the money to fill potholes, or salt the roads. We've laid off half the police force and removed extended unemployment compensation benefits. City parks and pools have been shutdown and the parking tax has been raised to 50%. So why in God's name is the city wasting what resources we have busting massage parlors for prostitution? I mean, couldn't our police power be better spent by sending the SWAT team after jaywalkers? Oh wait, that's right, we disbanded the SWAT team. Who cares if we don't have anyone to defend the city from terrorist attacks or armed robbery, at least we can make sure that no poor Korean woman can be paid to give a handjob.
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