March 1st, 2004

South Park

on delusions that one has while listening to MP3s in his cubicle at work around noon...

you know what would be cool... if there was like an hour long Ashanti
concert that happened right at noon every day... like maybe
right in that empty cube over there --->

And also if there was maybe beer. Beer would be great! Like if there was a 1/4 keg of Guiness under my desk. Ooh... and right next to the keg there could be a sexy and petite asian masseuse.

Yep, that's what work needs... lunchtime R&B/HipHop concerts with really good dark beer and lower-body asian massages with release!

that would rock...
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let he who is without sin cast the first gummi bear...

(stolen from komakin0, whose birthday is today, btw)

The part that bugs me is that the police are "investigating the incident." What's to investigate? Is it illegal to dress up like a fruit in Evansville?

I could have sworn that in the bible, Jay-Z taught the Christians like tolerance and stuff like that.
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