March 8th, 2004


Thoughts while listening to MP3s at work...

You know who never got enough play? I'm talking about a true pioneer of funk. An innovator of style. A man who was metrosexual 20 years before it meant anything. A man who knew how to work some hair.

I'm talking about Larry Blackman!

Larry Blackman was a true musical visionary. The attitude, the clothes, the voice, the hair! The man pioneered the flattop for Jay-Z's sake. How many groups were influenced by Cameo. Without Cameo could there ever have been an Outkast? Could there have been a Whodini? Could there have been Chunky A? I hereby start a petition to get Larry Blackman in the Rock & Roll hall of fame.

Word up!
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    Loverboy (Remix) by Mariah Carey (featuring Larry Blackman)