April 4th, 2004


on being a professional wrestler...

last night I got to "debut" as a professional wrestler. Sort of anyway. I didn't have an individual match, but I was in a Battle Royal at our show last night. Since it wasn't just my match, I don't have a lot to say about it. Worth noting I suppose, is that I didn't win. It was Royal Rumble style rules, and I was pretty lucky with the draw, entering 12th out of 17 people. Was eliminated by Super Hentai. Anyway, it was in front of a very good crowd. Over 1000 people (don't have an exact count, but they had presold 800 tickets... and all I know is that the place looked packed). So it was a lot of fun.

Uh... so professionally, 0-1, I guess (I really think battle royals shouldn't really count as a loss, but I the Smackdown video game thinks they should... maybe I should keep a spreadsheet and put a Roger Maris style asterisk next to it).
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