May 1st, 2004

shoulder tattoo

on shoulder rehab...

my shoulder is feeling a lot better since the injury a couple weeks ago. I am now able to bench about 204 on it, but it hurts like the dickens. I used to be able to max out the machine (247) before I got hurt, and I won't be happy til I can do that again. Pulling the lat bar is worse...155 used to be a non-issue for me. Now I am straining with 135. But hey, I'm working through it. Was at beststephi's brother's house earlier playing with the kids, and discovered, that doing a handspring is still a bit much for me. Pretty sure that the ligaments are still sprained. I lack some range of motion with it, but its due to it just hurting when I try to stretch it too far, not a complete inability to do so, so I'm pretty sure the ligaments aren't completely broken like they were with my ankle when I blew it out a few years ago. Perhaps I should pick up some tiger balm. Where does one get tiger balm in Pittsburgh? Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyway, I was able to wrestle a match at practice this week, so things seem to be coming along nicely. I guess that's the most one can hope for. Doug (beststephi's brother) asked me if I wanted to do the American Adventure Sports PURE with him. It actually sounds exciting, and I kind of would want to do it, but its pretty grueling and I'm not sure that I'll be in good enough shape for a 100 mile extreme race (as much as I'd like to be) by May 22nd. Also, I don't have the $150 entry fee. And also, I'm very irritated by their inabilty to make a website that works correctly in Safari. Still it does sound really fun. I am ever so slightly considering it. And if not, eh... maybe next year. Wow... sometimes I really do think about the kind of stuff that I'm into and realize... yep, I'm fucking nuts...

In other news, I'm still unemployed. This has nothing to do with shoulder rehab really, I just hadn't posted an entry in a while. So if anyone knows of a good contract (or better yet, a full time position, I'm kinda getting tired of contract work) for HCI, Web development or sys-admining (or really, anything else interesting that you think I'd be good at doing) let me know... Not only am I poor, but I'm kinda starting to get bored with not working.
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