October 11th, 2004


on silly things you hear on the radio...

so I was driving home from work today listening to the local negro radio station and I heard the oddest commercial. It was the voice of a 13-year-old white boy (odd in and of itself, because commercials on black radio stations generally strive to have very obviously "black voices" do their advertising) talking about a local technical school. You see the young lad, lets call him Jimmy Pez, wants to be a video game programmer when he grows up. Unfortunately, Jimmy's mother "doesn't know what a video game programmer is." Young Jimmy explains to his mother that one day he wants to make a video game that all kids just have to have, but in order to do that, he's going to have to go to technical school to learn how to program computers. Mrs. Pez is horrified and dead set against the idea because (I shit you not) "no one in the family has ever gone to college or technical school before." The commercial goes on to explain how young Jimmy tried to explain to his mother how important going to college was to him, and finally enlisted the aid of the school counselor who convinces Mother Pez that maybe college isn't that bad an idea after all.

What the hell!?!?!

Ok, I acknowledge that maybe my upbringing wasn't standard Americana fair. But I don't think the fact that my mother wanted me to go to college was that weird. Of course, seeing as how mamarayne has an IQ over 12 and would be able to piece together what the term "video game programmer" meant, maybe I am assuming too much. Of the people who read this journal, I know that at the very least, fromlust2dust, jazzyjess and jasongory are all still in high school. Most of the rest of you have gone to college for something or another at least for a little bit, even if you didn't graduate. But I've known a lot of people who didn't go over the years, or who were the first people in their families to go. I grew up with a ton of people who couldn't afford to send their kids away to college (hell, my mom couldn't afford to send me). I've even known parents who had kids who were high school dropouts but held onto the hope that some day they go back and go to college. But, I've never known of any parents who didn't want their kids to go because no one else in the family ever went. Does anyone know of anything like this ever happening? For that matter does anyone have parents who wouldn't be able to figure out what "video game programmer" meant? I mean, my grandfather never did anything more technical than programming his answering machine in his entire life, but he liked playing video game poker up til the day he died, and I think he could have pieced together the concept that somebody made that. And when I told him I was going to college he was *gasp* proud of me. He didn't say, what the hell is wrong with you boy? Why can't you just go off to war and then come back and work in the steel mill like I did.

Am I just way off base here? Maybe I just don't understand white people.
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on the equilibrium of a chaotic political system...

(I did a short rant earlier that monkey587 noted was under 1000 words. I told him don't worry, that was just the warm-up. I was just getting started)

So I think I’ve made it pretty clear over time that I am no so much with the sanity. At the very least I have pretty, lets say unique, political ideas. Ok, frankly I’m an embittered asshole with a chip on his shoulder and a slightly delusional neurosis, but I’m a person to. Prick me, do I not bleed? Sure, I may bleed at the 0.25% BA level, but its blood, dammit. Anyway, maybe I am nuts, but that just makes me interesting right? We have an election coming up in a couple weeks, and since the rest of Blogdom Assembled has been ranting about it, I've been pretty quiet. Well, enough of that here are some of my antipartisan thoughts I've been having on the whole thing in the last couple of days bitterly tossed together in the format I like to call Collapse )
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