December 14th, 2004


on partying all the time...

A lot has been going on in my life these days. I don't quite feel like writing about it at the moment though. I probably will in the near future. Or you can ask me about it next time you see me. You know when would be a good time to see me? How about New Year's Eve. Since people have been asking, yes we are indeed having a New Year's Eve party. It will be, no surprise, on New Year's Eve. Starting around 8 or 9pm and going til I decided to kick you all out.

But I could use a little help with a couple things. I'm wondering who is planning on coming that night. If you are coming do you need a place to crash that night? Generally, my parties have themes, but I was thinking of foregoing that for this one (the Last Minute Jam, as it were). Do people agree with not having a contest? Is there something that you would rather see in its stead? Do you want people to dress up? Are you willing to dress up yourself? I'm trying to decide if I want things casual or more dressy or hell, maybe everyone should show up naked.

As an aside, big ups to Shiima who's nursing a busted jaw from me accidentally kicking him in the head at Saturday's IWC show. Heal up soon, buddy.
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on Non-denominational yuletide winter holiday traditions...

Christmas Lights
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I picked up a christmas tree on Sunday to surprise beststephi while she was out. It's quite the massive blue spruce. If anyone cares, I'll be trimming said tree and drinking the cermonial glögg on Friday after Silky's happy hour. Anyone care to join me? (for happy hour, tree trimming or glöggy göödness?)
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