March 1st, 2005


my custom baseball jersey...

so much to my surprise, a few of people asked me if they could get their own Maverick Throwback jersey like the ones that Shiima and I wore on the wrestling shows this weekend (lizardking625 and jameel both come to mind off the top of my head). Right now, the answer is pretty much no, because I only bothered to have a couple of them printed for myself. But I can get more if people want them. I just don't want to order a whole bunch ahead of time because they're more expensive than just getting regular t-shirts printed. And also, unlike T-shirts, I need to have more intelligent sizes picked. for people to be able to wear them. So, the question is, would you want one if I were going to order them? How much would you be willing to pay (price is going to vary based on how many I get)? What color and size would you want? (theoretically, I could get other colors than gray and white. Those are just the ones I like)

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moving help...

so, as I mentioned before, I need to go to Cleveland to pick up my bar and freezer and move them to the new house that beststephi and I bought. I'm looking for volunteers to help. It'll be a pretty unenventful roadtrip. We'll need to get out of here by 9 to get to Cleveland and pick up the rental truck before the truck place closes. Then we'll be going over to my grandmother's house to load the bar and freezer up and driving it back here to unload. Might make a small side trip through Dormont to get my new hottub. I'd appreciate any able bodied help, and I will be providing beer as thanks. Anyone up for it?
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