March 26th, 2005


on Easter Eve...

Got a lot done today. Went out to Cranberry to visit a lighting store to try and pick lighting fixtures for the new house. beststephi was generally unimpressed with any of the options for ceiling fans and track lighting at the lighting specialty store and much more excited about more generic models at Home Depot. I'm slightly inclined to agree. Does anyone know anything about ceiling fans or track lighting and quality thereof?

Easter Baskets
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When we got home, we (as well as sundaygray and sui66iy) dyed easter eggs. sundaygray was also nice enough to provide us each with tiny little easter baskets (more metal buckets, they're really nice) and candy and grass to mix in with the easter eggs. They're all very nice. Especially mine. Marvel at exquisite mastery and design of my multi color dye jobs. I rule!

Then a couple hours ago, CompUSA called me and let me know that they had finished installing a new hard drive in my laptop and I could come and pick it up. They couldn't get the 80GB to boot, but they gave it back to me, so if I can ever get it up, I can have my data. On a good note, the new drive is 100GB and 80 was feeling tight before, so at least I got an upgrade of sorts. I'll be spending the rest of the night reinstalling stuff. Hey, Friday it went in the shop and if I can have it risen again by tomorrow, that might be... uh... well meaningful in some sort of sacrilegious kinda way.