April 6th, 2005


on "That's Hot!" (or not)...

(EDIT: For people who are wondering, all the links here should be relatively worksafe. A tad on the sexy side, but I tried to not link to anything more scandalous than what might not grace the cover of Cosmo or Maxim in a grocery store checkout line)

So, I know I sort of touched on this briefly in my recent posts about Depp and Colin, and I'm sure I've hinted about it in one way or another in various 1KWFFHs and such in the past, but after I responded to a comment by akiramich earlier in nemesisn4sa's journal, I started thinking about it more and more and decided that maybe I'd post about it and see what other people's opinions were. So here's the question (open to readers of either gender and any sexual orientation). What is "hot?"

In the earlier conversation, I had basically said that in the movie Sin City(which you should see, because it will change your life. I saw it on opening night, and when it was over, I could walk! Praise Jay-Z, I can walk!) Jessica Alba was hot, akiramich on the other hand, countered that Alexis Bledel was hotter. I respectfully disagreed, claiming that instead she was actually very cute. In fact, she's gorgeous, especially her eyes. But she's not hot. At least not as hot as Jessica Alba. I think nemesisn4sa agreed with me that there was a difference.

But what is that difference?

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So a question open to both genders and any sexual orientation: What does hot mean? What does cute mean? How about sexy, pretty, handsome, etc.? Are they the same? Are they different? Are there other types of attractive? Are there more types for one gender than the other? And are the rules different for men and women? Can you give me examples of people in all of your categories? Which types do you "go for" and why?

Or am I just totally fucked up and cute and hot are the same thing? Is that why the Olsen twins were sex symbols from like the time they were two?
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