April 25th, 2005


on the appeal of pedophilliac pop stars (round 2.)

Once upon a time, in fact, just under 2 years ago, I made reference to the fact that I understood why a 14 year old girl would want to fuck R. Kelly.. I never really got into why though. And really, I haven't much thought about R. in the intervening time. But today, while driving to Loews to get some supplies for the perpetual rebuilding of my house, I was listening to the radio when WAMO decided to drop the new R. Kelly track, Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 1 of 5). Listening to it, I almost died.

Collapse ) Because there's nothing on this earth so sexy as a dumbass celebrity. Paris Hilton has taught us that you don't need talent, all you need is the a penchant for being slutty and a history of making very poor judgement calls. Maybe that's what kept me from being famous. I was plenty slutty, I had no remarkable talents, but I was just too damn smart. Damn I have the worst luck. Seriously though, a new question in my on-going investigation on what makes someone attractive. We've talked about the appeal of the bad boy, and the pretty boy. We've talked about hot vs. cute. This time I am wondering about the appeal of stupid. I think probably most of my readers are likely to say that stupidity is a turn off. But really, think about it? Is there anything appealing about a dumb girl or guy? While writing this, I saw a commercial for TrimSpa, with Anna Nicole Smith, I actually had the briefest fleeting "damn, I'd do her" thought before being repulsed by the simpleton personality she exhibits when she speaks. So yeah, she may not be my type, but Anna is popular. She is a sex symbol. As are Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Fabio. So is there something hot about being dumb? Or can you just be so hot that its easy to overlook dumb?

Or is it just ok to want to have sex with 14 year old girls and then pee on them?
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