June 16th, 2005

Down and Out

on things that would make the workday go faster

Ten things that might make working more fun:
  1. switching to the four hour work day
  2. pinball
  3. live nude girls
  4. naptime followed by those little cartons of juice (well, I'm not 5 anymore. Maybe instead of an orange juice drink box, I could have one with Jack in it.)
  5. less depressing looking cubes
  6. a nice MTVish party-like atmosphere, you know, live performances, special guest stars, dancing in the aisles. That kinda thing.
  7. a midday break for crazy orgy with the live nude girls
  8. chocolate
  9. more breaks for the crazy orgies.
  10. not having to you know... do stuff

I'm just spitballing here. There may be others and better ones.
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on pimping my artwork...

Originally uploaded by chrismaverick.
so I haven't been doing much in the way of creative artwork or writing lately. At the inspiration of max1975 I've been thinking about trying to do some though as soon as I have some free time. So in the interest of trying to inspire myself even further, I decided to post some of my old stuff, the photosketches, to my flickr stream.

There's nothing new here. These are the same 8 pieces that have been on Elseworld for a while, but I figure I've got a bunch of people reading here who haven't seen them before. So, I'm once again looking for comments. Which ones do you like? What do you not like? Why? Suggestions? Criticisms? You know the drill.

As for making new stuff, It always helps if I have volunteers. I still have a bunch of pics of katieboyd that I never did anything with. jameel was supposed to be the first male photosketch, but I lost his pics in the HD crash so i should probably redo them at some point. I also wouldn't mind doing one of saturniakitty, if she doesn't mind, and she can remember to send me copies of the CDs the pics I took of her. So there's your reminder again. And once again, if you want to volunteer to be in one, let me know.

As for the writing, I want to make myself work on that too. I've been thinking about that. First, a while back I asked people to read some of my old novels in progress, notably, Jack's Place and the untitled Jamie and K project (which if someone has a word doc of, can they send me. I'm pretty sure I sent it to max1975 and mamarayne). If anyone else would like to read those and give me comments, that'd be awesome. And also, I know we've tried this before, but what the hell, lets try again. I'd really like to get the old lx_arena up and running again. So who's interested in that?
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