September 23rd, 2005


1KWFFH: on pot, PSAs, and psycho pussycats...

Down and Out 2
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So, I mentioned a couple days ago, that I had a 1KWFFH floating around in my head, and I decided tonight would be a good night to actually just get it out on the page now. It's something that has been buzzing around for a bit and it gets stronger everytime I watch TV or listen to the radio and a PSA address drinking and drugs. This one might be interesting because not only do I have both "grown-ups" and underaged people that these ads are supposedly aimed at, but I apparently I have a few dedicated straight edgers reading this now to go with the usual suspects of hardcore drunks (hey avocado_tom, how's it going). So here I go, addressing it in a little piece that I like to call Collapse )