October 13th, 2005


on the price of video on demand...

Must see
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so, I had been meaning to address this issue for the last couple of weeks. I even mentioned to rmitz that I was thinking of ranting about it when he brought up the same topic a couple weeks ago.

What would you pay for the ability to download your favorite TV shows to your computer. What about movies? Is this the future of the internet?

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Technology ruins something else. Thirty-five years from now, you're gonna hear old man Maverick sitting on his back porch waving his cane at the grandkids who are sneaking out behind the woodshed with their holocubes, "Damn kids today, can't even masturbate properly. Back in my day we didn't have tactile holograms, we had the Sears catalog bra section and we liked it. We liked it fine! We loved it!"