October 21st, 2005

Being Maverick

on domineering housewives...

Eva Longoria
Let's just pretend I made some witty,
womanizing comment here. I'm too tired.
You know, not that I really need a reason to post another picture of Eva Longoria. Really, I could just give up ranting now and look at her, but I actually do have a point here. And I'll get to it as soon as I finish staring at that ass just a little bit more...

Ok... good... oh yeah... that's the stuff right there... ok, moving on...

So some of you have probably heard me bitch about the PTC before. The Parental Television Council, or NAMBLA (heehee, thanx Jon) are the self-appointed moral watchdogs of decency in this country. You know how when an aging sex symbol of a pop star shows some boobie on TV halfway through the year's most watched television program and then within 12 hours you find out that the FCC has already received 6,492,346,120,821 complaints. Well it turns out that all of those phone calls come from the same 14 people – A bunch of joyless neo-religious zealots who don't feel that fucking up their own kids minds and lives with their bullshit is enough, so they have to get off by butting into the rest of their lives as well.

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In other news, Lisa Loeb was on The Colbert Report for about 10 seconds earlier tonight. It made me feel all warm and gushy inside. If you're not watching the Colbert Report, you should be, and if you're not totally hot for Lisa Loeb, then you're not my friend anymore. And if you are hot for her, well, you can't have her. She's mine! MINE I SAY!!!!
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on the new faces of hate...

Prussian Blue
Aren't they the cutest little faces of Satan?
Oh just trust me, this is going to be a good one. So the always delightful froggiesocks passed an article on to me earlier about thirteen-year-old, twin sister, alternative folk rockers Prussian Blue. Meet Lynx and Lamb. They're twins, they're blonde, they're blossoming into womanhood. They're all set to bring bubblegum pop to the alternative scene and set the music world on fire. They're also proud to call themselves avowed racists. I was amazed. Flabbergasted. Run Amok. Collapse )

As a side note. You know who I really feel sorry for here. Prussian Blue. They're a British Blues Rock band. Damn that's unfortunate.
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