October 31st, 2005

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on crimes against nature...

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Not to be all wussy-loser-boy-might-as-well-be-a-woman-and-a-girly-bitchy-one-at-that-like-jameel on everyone, but am I the only person who hates Monday Night Football? If HOVA had wanted us to watch football on Monday's then he'd not have made it a work day. Honestly I'm ok with that too.

It sorta almost kinda made sense back in the 70s. No one had cable or satellite yet. So the best a man could hope for was three games a week. Not quite enough to quench the football thirst. So why not toss a game on Monday to keep the party goin', so to speak. Yeah I get it. But we're beyond that now. Now all putting a game on Monday does is throw off my whole weekend routine.

Have you ever even watched MNF? I mean really watched it? And listened to Madden trying to sell it like its a huge deal and an honor to have the Monday night game? No, its not, its fucking annoying. It means the players are stuffed with a short week the week following. It means that the fans who watch it need to stay up late on Monday night since the game usually goes past midnight(thus probably being late and hungover for work on Tuesday), and it means that my entire fucking Sunday is blown to hell. I had no Steelers game today, It through off my whole routine. I didn't make my Sunday morning breakfast. I didn't invite people over to watch the game in HD. I was completely lost. What am I supposed to do with my Sunday? Go to church? If HOVA had wanted me to go to church, he wouldn't have invented football.

And this year, in rewardance for us being good all last season we have to deal with not one, but three monday night games. What the fuck!?!? Make San Francisco play three Monday night games. They're losers, they don't deserve a rational time slot.

Yeah, yeah, I know... the good teams get Monday night so everyone can watch. BULLSHIT! Monday night ratings have been falling consistently every year since 1994. That's why ABC is dumping it. The NFL wants to move their "showcase game" to Sunday nights, which is currently televisions biggest rating night, and ABC (which loses about $150million a year on MNF) looked at it and said "and bump Desperate Housewives? Nigga Please!"1

So, HOVA willing, next year, assuming the Stillers stay good this year, the worst I'll have to deal with next year is a Sunday night on NBC. If we suck, I guess I'll have to deal with a Monday night games on ESPN. I like how the NFL is basically saying "its 2006, dumbass, if you can't be bothered to get cable for ESPN then fuck you."

Sigh... so I guess I'll be watching the game tomorrow night in at my place on the big screen TV if anyone wants to drop by.

[1] of note is that ABC actually tried to use Desperate Housewives to boost MNF ratings a couple years ago. It did not work. But it shows you how much MNF has fallen when they are trying to boost ratings by appealing to the nightime soap crowd. Ok, and also to anyone who wants to see TV-PG rated nudity from Nicolette Sheridan