January 5th, 2006


on bulimia and anorexia...

Lindsay Lohan, Before and After
Lindsay Lohan
before and after her excessive weight loss.
Editor's Note: Due to the serious subject matter presented here and the knowledge that some of the readers from which I seek information have suffered from this disease, I am going to attempt to be a little less venomous than usual. That said, I'm still me. So reader beware.

So apparently Lindsay Lohan has admitted in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair that she has been suffering from bulimia for the last year or so. This is news that should surprise exactly no one who has an IQ over 12 and is blessed with even partially functional eyesight.

She says she didn't really realize how bad things had gotten until Saturday Night Live producer, Lorne Michaels staged an intervention for her following her hosting of the show last May. She then says that when she watched the show later she was appalled at how disgusting she looked.

Ok, so that brings me to my point. How does that happen? To be completely frank and un-PC (and maybe incorrect, as I'm just spitballing here), I have to believe that at its essence eating disorders are about vanity. How do you not notice that you are skin and bones until someone says "hey, you look like shit!" and then all of a sudden you say, "oh wow, you're right! I do!"

I don't mean to be as rude as that probably sounds. I don't even mean to say that vanity is a bad thing. I have no problem with a person caring how they look. I have no problem with wanting to lose weight. I have no problem with a person wanting to be hot. I want to be hot. And, its totally ok to not give a shit about what you weigh too. But if you're so obsessed with what you weigh and how you look that you develop an eating disorder, wouldn't you be looking in the mirror a lot? My understanding is that anorexics and bulimics are constantly checking out their bodies. So doesn't there have to be a point where you stop hating yourself for being too fat and start hating yourself for being too skinny? Wouldn't someone that obsessed either realize it without being told so by a TV sketch comedy producer? And if not, wouldn't they still believe its not a problem even after said producer pointed it out?

Collapse ) is this beyond "looking sexy for the boys?" Does the bulimic really think that no one would ever find out? Or does she just not think the boys would care? How does she make that jump in the first place? If anyone has any insight, I'd love to hear it. Oh, and anonymous comments are allowed on this post if you want to hide. But if you do, please check back, because I'm sure that I'm going to want to ask followup questions to anyone who has comments here at all.