March 22nd, 2006


ok... maybe it is something you see everyday...

So apparently some crazy guy in camoflage and with an automatic rifle is threatening people outside my office building as we speak. We have been warned to stay inside, and SWAT has been called in.

I wonder if its me...

UPDATE (3:10pm): So apparently they have apprehended the gunman and that he was just carrying a pellet gun and not an automatic rifle as they previously thought and that he claims he was shooting at pigeons. Still, really cool to see the SWAT team mobilize like that.

Anyway, my favorite thing is after they had the building alert about the shooting, some friend of the alerter accidentally replied to all and said:

"Yes, I heard also. Hopefully, they will shoot him before it's time to go home. If the subways are messed up I'm going to be mad."

then a minute later replied again apologizing for accidentally replying to all.

Also, if I end up in shooting range of another gun incident tomorrow, I'm really going to start to worry.