May 14th, 2006

Being Maverick

on the sexiest woman alive (redux)...

Note:Gah, I am a complete idiot...

I accidentally deleted the old version of this post... this is the same thing... (all the comments are gone... *sigh* but I already tabulated them... if you hadn't voted yet... you can still do so)

Celebrity Hotties
Random potentially hot celebrities
So, since I talked about the Mt. Lebanon Top 25 List scandal, I have heard from several people about who their top 10 or top 25 hottest women were. I was thinking that maybe I'd try to get something a little more official. So, in the tradition of Maxim, FHM, Stuff, etc. I've decided to do my own sexiest women poll.

Here's how it works. I want as many people as can to comment here and give me your top 10 (or 5 if you don't feel like going that far, whatever, but no more than 10) sexiest women. I'll tabulate it and score them and in a week I'll post who won. I'll be scoring things similarly to how I score things for Maverick Jam costume contests. 10 points for nominating someone #1, 9 for #2, down to 1 for #10. You can use whatever criteria you want for hottness: cute, sexy, boneable, whatever. I'll be voting myself as well.

So everyone give me a list. Men and women are both welcome of course. And tell your friends who don't read this to come here and comment as well. I'll cut voting off on 5/16/06.

EDIT: max1975 asked whether this was all time or current. I guess for the sake of argument, lets say current. So like the hottest in 2006 or something. Though I don't really care all that much if you want to go the other way.

on Wørds and Wisdom... (and a little about Women at the end)

truth·i·ness (trōōth' ē nəs)
n. The quality of being "truthy, not facty."
So recently, (and to some extent repeatedly, over the last year or so) I've had the opportunity to discuss the merits of Wikipedia1 with ludimagist and others. As an academic, and in fact a sometimes professor, Meron seemed to have a great deal of problems with Wikipedia. As a borderline psychotic with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I happen to love it.

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So that leads us to today's question. Is Wikipedia a good idea? Do you go there when you need information? Do you trust it? What about the rest of the internet? How do you decide what's trustworthy information and what's not?

Also, if you haven't voted in my hottest women poll (replacement for the original which I deleted), please do that too. I'm shutting it off tuesday night so get your votes in as soon as possible. And hey, get some of your friends to vote in it. I want a good sampling group.

1. For those not in the know, wikipedia is basically an online encyclopedia. A grand repository for all great knowledge of the universe. If you want to know about something, then wikipedia can probably tell you all there is to know about it. There is a small catch. One that's barely even worth mentioning. The small catch is, it could be completely wrong.