May 31st, 2006

Being Maverick

Maverick Magazine Exclusive: The 25 Hottest Men Alive - 2006 Edition

And the winner is
you'll have to read to find out
So a couple weeks ago I decided to do my own world's sexiest women poll. The turnout was pretty good. Then the womens revolted and tore my clothes off and spanked me until I agreed to do one fo guys as well. Actually, I kinda liked the whole spanking thing, but I'm a nice guy so I figured, what the hell. This one's for the ladies!

The poll actually did better than I had expected. I had anticipated 20 ballots or so and we ended up with 36 with 317 votes for a total of 1831 points. Not as successful as the sexy women contest, but pretty good. 216 men received votes (coincidentally, the same as the number of women)

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So while I think its interesting to take a poll of sexy women and compare it to the polls conducted by magazines, I think the poll of sexy men is obviously flawed (and this is why fewer magazines do it in the first place). That said, I think if I ask the questions "what do you find sexy in a man?" and "what do you find sexy in a woman?" The answers to the first question are going to on the whole be far more interesting. So why don't I ask that? Let me know what you think on those two questions. And for that matter, let me know what you think of the results of this poll. And my little analysis. Do you think its worth running one or both of these polls again next year? I sort of want to do that and see how tastes with the pop culture community change over the course of the year.