July 14th, 2006


on Frequently Uttered Questions...

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first of all, everyone should wish a happy birthday to mamarayne. Of all the mother's I have, she is my very favorite.

Now that that's out of the way, not only is today my Mom's birthday and Bastille Day. It's also layoff day. My last day at ACS. I have decided to celebrate with a rousing game of questions. Something I've been meaning to do for a while actually. Sort of like kingdomjames's Ask Uncle Kingdom posts (which I stole once before).

Basically, ask me anything you want. Wrestling? Parties? Comics? Politics? Whatever. Mostly I mean to ask me questions about me or my blog, but what the hell, if you want to ask me something random feel free. I'd like to get a nice little FUQ together where it makes it a little easier to understand some of the references and injokes and made up words and stuff I use here. Want to know how I became a Chinaman? Now is your chance to find out. What's with the Jay-Z worship? I can answer that too.

So please, ask me anything!