November 29th, 2006


on efil4zaggin...

2. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.
a person of any race or origin regarded as
contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.
(I mean, seriously... look at him!)
So if you've been watching the news the last week or so (and my last post says that maybe some of you aren't), you might have heard that Michael Richards, TV's Kramer, apparently lost his mind at a comedy club on Nov. 17th and decided it was a good idea to call a black man seated in the audience a nigger. Repeatedly. As one might have guessed, this didn't exactly go over well with the American public, particularly those of the negro persuasion. Go figure.

Anyway, Richards later appeared on Letterman as a special guest of Jerry Seinfeld and apologized. I'm sure it was quite heartfelt and sincere, and I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact Seinfeld DVD boxed sets that normally go for $50 a season were down to $16.99 at Best Buy when i was there this weekend.

So now, Jesse Jackson has called for a boycott of Seinfeld DVDs. Silly, but sure, I kinda get that. Makes sense. I'm not sure what Jesse hopes to gain, but ok fine. The owners of the Laugh Factory (the club where Richards went crazy) have called for Richards to donate half a million dollars to charity for each time he used the word. Kind of ridiculous for a guy who was a supporting actor on a TV show that ended eight years ago. But OK. But now comedian, Paul Mooney has joined with Jesse in asking for all comedians and regular people world wide to ban using "the N word" forever. Excuse me for a moment...


Ok, I'm certainly not going to excuse what Richards did. His little tirade was clearly full of malice and venom. But, you know what my favorite part of the word nigger is? Racists are so fond of using it that it makes them very easy to pick out. If anything, the casual usage of the word by the kids these days depowers it. Does it still have bite. Yes. Is it ok for people to just throw it around and not expect a certain response? Of course not. But Mooney has used the word enough in his life that he knows better than anyone that the word, like any other word, is just that. A word. Its the meaning behind it that matters. The intention of the speaker. Even if there was a law passed that made saying nigger punishable by death I could just as easily begin referring to blacks meanly as spics or kikes or chinks or melonheads. And a rap song can say nigga, bitch, ho or motherfucker and mean it endearingly. At the end of the day there's a lot of ugly in the world and there are a lot of words that identify that ugly. But if you look at ugly through rose colored lenses it's still ugly.

It's just pink.