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today in bum land...

Talked to my mom. She stayed home from work today not feeling well, but decided to do some writing, so I gave her one of my old workshop exercises, then max1975, anisodragnfly and I critiqued it for her. Bleah... I need to do more writing.

Went out and bought a birthday present for nowishere. I'll give it to her at her party tonight. Hope she likes it. Anu says he'll have my present either tonight or tomorrow. Kind of curious what it is.

Pretty full day tomorrow. Told yannaboo that I would help her move her uhaul, and told sillytrix that I'd meet her for lunch. And then... ummm... I have Madden to play or something... ok.... not the fullest day in the world... but I'm unemployed... give me a break.

Oprah Log
No word from Telerama. Talked to my headhunter. He still has nothing. Also no word from anyone at CMU. Bleah... maybe I'll actually put in some resumes on Monster tomorrow.

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