January 15th, 2007


on my lack of blogging...

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its weird. I took kind of an intentional vacation from LJ at the end of the year just because I'd been tired and didn't have that many good ideas to rant about. Then I never really started up again. I actually have a couple of "rants on board" kind of, but just haven't gotten myself appropriately riled up.

On the other hand, I've been concentrating more on my photography and in particular my 365 Days project of late and have done quite a lot of writing there. In fact, its kind of become a mini diary/journal. Tons more about me than this has been.

So that's what I'm wondering. I kind of made a concious decision a while back to blog more about other stuff and less about me, because I really didn't think that what I had to say about me was terribly interesting, but people seemed quite interested in my thoughts on other things. Since that time though, it seems people, at least Flickr people are actually interested in my 365 project and in the little stories I tell about my life on any given picture.

So I'm wondering, what do people here care about more? Should I talk more about me? Should I go back to trying to write one scathing rant on something interesting or mundane every week? Should I return to the 1000 words of free flowing hostility format? Should I just plan and announce parties?

For now, I've actually set up an LJ syndicate feed of the 365 project at 365mav. So make that a friend if you're interested.