May 17th, 2007


on tarot shoots and other miscellaeny...

Jack of Swords
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So the Maverick Tarot project (some pics, NSFW) is well underway. I've been using a mixture of friends of mine and models, but I think its going well. I actually have quite a great deal of the 78 cards planned out, but I still need more people to pose for them. So if you're interested, please let me know.

For everyone who volunteered before so long as they could be a specific card, I just want to make it clear that all the major arcana cards are nude. In the minor arcana, the wardrobe's vary by suit:
  • Swords: Goth, Punk, Club or Fancy clothes
  • Staffs: Preppy, Trendy or Biz Casual clothes
  • Cups: Urban, Hipster, Street or Hiphop clothes
  • Coins: Formal and Dressy clothes
  • Major: Nudes and Implied Nudes
It actually gets even more complicated than that, once you get into my ideas for each indivudual card, and each suit is in a different artistic stle, hence the cartoony, illustration style of Shiima on the pic for this post, but that gives you the baseline I am working from.

Oh, and I'm looking for a couple props. I need a set of balance scales (which I think atraxen said before he might have). And I need some interesting staffs. Does anyone have cool canes I can borrow? And what I really would love to borrow would be a really ornate spear. Anyone have one of those? And if you have ideas for different types of coins that show up well in photos, let me know there too. That's the most problematic of the suits.

So the photography is going well. I'm actually feeling more confident about being able to finish this project and maybe even sell it one day. I wish my day job hunt was going better. In the meantime. If anyone wants to hire me to do portraits or headshots, I could totally use the work and extra. So let me know if you are in need (or know someone who is).

In the meantime, I've been booked up pretty well with photoshoots for this thing, but I'm still going to need more (78 cards is a lot). So who wants to help me out sometime soon?

And oh yeah, please go vote in my survey. I want a nice big turn out like last year so we can hopefully get some interesting results.