Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on a busy Saturday... (wherein Mav talks of houses, football and wrestling)

I do more all day than most people do by 6AM. Ummm... or something like that.

Got a lot done yesterday. First was the home inspection. beststephi and I went over there with our realtor. We met up with the home inspector and Steph's father (who is going to be our contractor). House has very few problems. The chimney needs to be repointed, and there is a leak in the attic (next to the chimney, which will probably be fixed through the fixing of the chimney). Other than that, there's a window that has a bad seal on it, and that's about it. Radon levels are excellent. Pest inspection was great. So things are looking good. sui66iy and Gail (his mom) came over to look at the house as well. They seem to approve.

Next there was of course the barn burner of a Steelers game against the Jets. This was much more exciting than a playoff game should ever be. I like my excitement in the regular season. During the playoffs I just want the Stillers to have a blowout and get it overwith. max1975, anisodragnfly, danitapgh, anukul and sabranee all joined us (Mike, Steph and I) for the game.

Pimp Slap
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Finally, there was the 3rd COC Open House. COC (Coalition of Competition) being, my wrestling training school. What with an all important divisional playoff game happening, I expected the crowd to be rather sparse, but the gym was actually packed with some 50+ people. Had a lot of fun. Since Shiima wasn't there, I teamed up with Stephen to face the Gambino Brothers. Though I faught valiantly and with the noble honor of a true hero, that I am, those dastardly italians were able to defeat us by hitting me with a totally illegal double team manuever. I, of course, took it like a man and did the respectable thing. I blamed my partner and slapped the shit out of him. Later I teamed up with Larry and Dreds to take on Stephen, Jason and Chuck in a 6 man tag. Managed to hit a Hangover (flipping leg drop) in that one. And in a spot I really enjoyed, I Glam Slammed Stephen and went for the pin, but Jason came off the top turnbuckle and hit a falling drop kick on my head to break it up. The crowd (including Syd, Mike, Gail and Steph) seemed to really enjoy the show, and I had a lot of fun.

Shiima, you missed a good one, buddy.

EDIT: If people for some odd reason want to see me getting slammed instead of kicking ass, sui66iy caught a good pic with his cameraphone. And there are a few more in my flickr account tagged under COC.

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