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Ladies, is he really that hot?

So I'm watching a rerun of Saturday Night Live. Its hosted by Colin Farell. Pretty much every other joke is about how hot he is.

The other night beststephi and I were watching a Katie Couric special where they were talking about talking to kids about the fact that they're having sex younger than ever before (a rant I may save for another time). Katie was addressing the fact that the media is constantly bombarding kids with sexual images. The camera panned across a collage of magazine cut outs. Sexy swimsuit covers of Maxim. A sweaty shirtless Brad Pitt. Lingerie models. Usher freaking a girl in a bikini from behind. Madonna and Britney kissing. Huge boobs, legendary abs. And in the middle of it all...

a headshot of Colin Farell. Not in a sexually suggestive pose. Not modeling underware. Not making out with someone. Just a simple headshot. Apparently the NBC News braintrust decided that Colin sitting there smiling from a print ad was so unbarebly sexy that 15 year old girls are immediatly hypnotized into performing felatio on the nearest available penis.

So I'm wondering, is he really that hot? Seriously, ladies (or gentlemen, I don't judge). I mean, I'll even acknowledge that he's an attractive guy. But is he such the be all end all of sexuality that you swoon into such an uncontollable tizzy just at his smile? Does his smile really compare to Brad Pitts entire naked torso? If so, why? If not, is there someone who does? I rewound and watched the collage a couple times, and he's the only headshot there. There's not a single female one, there's no other male one. There are a lot of hot girls out there, but I can't think of a single one who would turn me on simply with a picture of their face. Am I wrong guys? I mean, I know the line is supposed to be that a woman's eyes are her sexiest feature or something like that, but really, be honest. If we're talking about a simple picture that's intended to titilate. Well, there should be tits in it, right? Guys like a nice rack. I'd think that something would be similar for the females as well. But I have a hard time thinking that the be all end all of sexuality starts at Colin Farrell's neck and goes up.

Honestly, when I see him I just think, "that there is a walking infection of herpes."

*shrug* anyone want to help me out here?

EDIT: Also, is there really anyone out there at all who gets excited by the beginning of the Arena Football season?

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