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can you be bought out of your ethical dietary decisions?

This is mostly for the vegetarians who read this, but really, anyone who has input, I'd love to hear it.

How much would someone have to pay you to make you eat meat?

I saw an episode of Survivor once, where they were doing the obligatory nasty food challenge. The contestants had to spin the wheel and eat whatever it landed on, and some of the stuff was like bugs and live worms and whatnot, and then there was some stuff like an apple and a burger if you got lucky.

Anyway, there was this one girl who said she was a vegan and it landed on a fish or something, and she refused to eat it, and the other contestants were all "I had to eat a worm, and this bitch is mad about having to eat a fish? What the hell?" And I was at home watching and thinking, "Ummmm... there's a million dollars on the line, what are you fucking nuts?"

Then, another time, I saw an episode of Fear Factor, where there was a girl who was allergic to milk (like I am), and they had a challenge where you had to suck milk directly out of the cow and spit it into a glass and fill it up. The girl did it without hesitation, and the the host asked her "but, you're allergic, why would you do that?" and she pointed out there was $50,000 on the line and fuck getting sick. I was like "hell yeah."

So anyway, would you suspend your ethical (or allergic) diet for a guaranteed payoff? What about for a chance at one? How much would it have to be in either case?

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