August 28th, 2002

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07:15 am - Oprah Log
Finally got what is supposedly the last test from Telerama. Upon getting it, I immediately made the bone-headed mistake of locking myself out of my own home directory. *sigh*

Got them to fix that (i admittedly felt really stupid) and then went to start the problem. They wanted me to write something in C, so I figured I better have my K&R handy. Spent a while looking for it, and couldn't find it. Wonder if I left it at MAYA. danitapgh was nice enough to lend me her copy, and I finally got started around midnight.

Actually, it turns out I didn't REALLY need the K&R. I could have found all the reference material I needed on the web, but its kind of a crutch, I guess. How can I be expected to write C code without a K&R in front of me. It would be like going to sleep without my security blanket, or coaching the Superbowl without lucky socks and underwear.

Took me a while, ended up staying up half the night teaching myself the curses library. Kind of weird pulling an all-nighter with no job and not being in school. But what the hell, right? I finished in about 6 hours (including reading time and a bunch of error testing... didn't want to make any other stupid mistakes after the first one) and I know the curses library now. That's got to be useful for something, right?

Oh well, I guess that's that. Finished my whirlwind coding, took out the garbage, smoked a cigarette, I guess I might as well go to bed.

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