Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on house closing and first visitors...

so beststephi and I should be closing on the house we're buying on Friday. Formal house warming festivities will probably occur sometime in the spring accompanied by this year's Aloha Jam, but we were thinking that it might be fun to have people over for a bit right after we buy it. It won't be the most exciting thing in the world, since there won't be any furniture or anything inside, but if people wanted to have a tour of the place while its empty and see what it is we'll be working with and maybe share in a tasty beverage toasting the new stately Maverick manor, that could be really cool. Steph and I have not yet decided whether we're going to Happy Hour that day (it depends on how the closing goes) but we could do it after that. And then maybe hang out at arlingtonhouse afterwards if people wanted to go somewhere with like actual furniture and stuff. Probably won't hang out too late as I have wrestling shows both of the next two days after that (people should ask me if they want to go, it will be terribly fun of course).

I still need to go to Cleveland to pick up my bar and my freezer and I will probably need help, if anyone is looking to go on a roadtrip to lift things and bring them back and awkwardly maneuver them into my basement. mickgambino and marshallgambino, I'm looking in your general directions. Anyone else as well, the more to lift the better. I was thinking of maybe going up on March 5th. I will of course be providing the beer to be drunk off the bar upon completion.

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